5 Benefits of Taking Your Children on Holiday

18th May 2018
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Going on holiday means leaving the mundane day-to-day stresses behind to experience a new place and indulge in some much-deserved relaxation. From providing unique learning experiences, teaching children about diversity and creating lifelong family memories, there are endless benefits of family holidays.

Regularly spending time on holiday as a family has many benefits for both the children and the parents.

   1. Encourage Children to Try Something New

Traveling to new exotic and exciting place in the world encourages children of all ages in trying new experiences. Whether it’s snorkelling with tropical fish in the ocean, camping in the desert or trying strange street food; the adventure of traveling away from home opens up endless possibilities of being brave and adventurous.


   2. Ability to Entertain Themselves

Away from the comfort and normality of home, children on holiday find themselves in many situations where they need to entertain themselves in order to have ‘fun’. Waiting around in the airport or on board a flight can sometimes be very long, and feel even longer for children who get bored easily. Children who regularly go on holiday will learn how to use the time they have to entertain themselves, whether they engross themselves in a book, or use their imagination to play and explore their new surroundings.


   3. A Love of New Food

Again, as being away from home in new exciting surroundings encourage children to try new experiences, they are likely to be open in trying new food whilst on holiday. Fresh sea food, strange street food, local spices, the whole family can try new flavours together. And who knows, you might even find an unexpected flavour that becomes a family favourite back at home!


   4. Stronger Families

Looking back on our childhood we always hold family holidays close to our hearts as some of our favourite memories, don’t you? These family holidays you are going on now as the parents will be the memories your children look back on fondly for the rest of their lives. While on holiday, families share many experiences together that, in turn, enhance and strengthen family bonds. All families should spend quality time together away from the stresses of everyday life back at home.


   5. Children Give You a Clearer View of the World

Whereas not always ideal, children slow down the pace of life. As adults you may become a ‘snap happy’ tourist who tries to beat the crowds and therefore you take lots of photos and spend a little time somewhere and then move on. But children are inquisitive; always asking who, what, where, when, why. Children make parents more receptive to their surroundings. By being more observant and answering the kids’ endless questions, you become more mindful of new surroundings and the history, culture and natural beauty of the world we live in.

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