Helping Toddlers with Jet-Lag

1st March 2019
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With Easter Break fast approaching, many families will be preparing for travel and creating lists of jobs to complete before departing for the airport. There are lots of things we do to make sure our family’s holiday runs smoothly, from making sure to pack an extensive first-aid kit to determining which toy would cause chaos if you were to forget to bring it!

There is one thing you might not have considered adding to your holiday routine, which would save sleepless nights at the start of your holiday, plus help your little ones get back to reality easily once back in the UK. This week, we are providing you with tips to help young children beat jet-lag.

1. Keep your children around natural light

Unless you have a long night planned where a quick nap is essential, keep your children awake during your destination’s daylight hours. This will help their minds adjust to their new surroundings. If travelling West, this will require them to stay awake by a few hours, hopefully making for an easier bedtime regime and better sleep.

2. Set an alarm

Jet-lag, alongside the exhaustion of travelling can cause the whole family to drift into a deep sleep. Ensure you adjust to the new time zone by setting your alarm for when you would usually wake up at home. That way, meal times stay on track and you can take full advantage of your first days on holiday.

3. Keep the lights off

Your child is likely to wake up in the night hungry on holiday because this is when you may usually eat at home. Without disturbing the lighting of the room, give them a quick snack and help them back to bed. Turning the lights on will cause their brains to wake up long before they need to.

4. Hit the ground running

Arrive at your hotel, drop the bags and go for a walk. Staying at the hotel or in the room will cause your body to slow dramatically after the stresses of collecting your bags, clearing customs, travelling to your hotel and checking in. If you allow yourself to rest, you are more likely to fall asleep before bed time.

5. Consider investing in a sound machine

The noise may be unfamiliar but these can really help if you and your family are staying in a city or a hotel where the festivities carry on late into the night. Plus, they can help the grown-ups get a good night’s sleep too!


For everyone departing the UK for Easter or even their summer holidays a few weeks later, we wish you all safe and happy travels!


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