How To Keep Kids Entertained This Summer Break

18th August 2017
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The kids might be ecstatic now that school is over and they’re on break until September, but this also means us parents have to get a little more inventive with activities to keep the little ones happy and busy. Combining work with afternoon activities for children can be a struggle. So, we have come up with a list of things you can do on weekdays, as well as weekend entertainment for your children.

Afternoon activities:

  • Reading picnic: Leave all devices behind and bring along a fun book to read to your children. Pack up plenty of snacks, a blanket, water bottles and find a quiet spot on the grass underneath a shady tree.
Photo by Visit Lakeland

Photo by Visit Lakeland

  • Visit a museum: They’re fun and educational and better yet – they won’t be as busy during weekdays as they are on weekends. Plan a museum trip for every week of the summer and visit your local art, science, history or children’s museums. Most of them have free children’s admission too!



  • Board Game Bonanza: Is it cold and raining outside? What better thing to do than dust off those fun board games and spend some quality family time together? If you don’t have any at hand, a puzzle is always a great replacement.


  • Jamie Oliver for the day: Another fun way to keep little ones entertained is to host your own cooking show and have your children do the cooking. Make great memories by filming an ‘episode’ of the show. Your kids will improve their cooking and speech skills and have a blast at the same time.

happy family funny kids bake cookies in kitchen

  • Child teacher: Spend the afternoon learning something new from your child. Let them be the teacher for the day and you’ll be surprised how many new skills and facts you’ll pick up from them – from how to build a Lego spacecraft to who’s the latest superstar and everything in between.


  • Karaoke evening: A singing contest is always a great idea – as long as the speakers’ volume isn’t too loud! Nowadays, you don’t even need a special karaoke console. All you need is a microphone – Youtube has special karaoke versions of most songs. Moreover, you can get karaoke games on consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox.


  • Tea party: Relax after a day’s work by sipping tea and eating cookies with your little ones and their prestigious guests -the plushies. It is a great way to connect with them and build strong communication skills.

Father Playing Game With Daughter And Toys In Bedroom

  • Art contest: Do you have a little Picasso in the house? Host a drawing or painting contest as a way to keep them entertained for the afternoon. Give them prizes for their efforts and take part in the fun too – besides, someone has to come in last. This is a wonderful exercise for improving their creative skills.


  • Teach them chess: Chess does wonders for logic skills, and we know it’s good to start working on them from a young age. It might take a couple of sessions for your child to remember all the rules, but it’s a fun and constructive way to spend quality time together.


Weekend activities:

  • Theme-parks: Most theme parks have special discounts for children and seasonal passes. If it looks like a bright warm day, take the family out for a fun-filled, amazing day!

 theme park

  • Aquarium: Finding Nemo or Finding Dory? Explore the wonderful marine life at the nearest aquarium and give your kids the chance to see seahorses, rays, octopuses, crocodiles, penguins, sharks and much more! SeaLife London also does behind the scene tours, feeding the penguins or shark experiences and even snorkelling with the sharks’ experience!

 visit aquarium

  • Safari: Going to a safari is fun, exciting and gives children the chance to see wild animals and learn about the importance of protecting wildlife. For example, Longleat Safari and Adventure Park gives you the chance to enjoy a drive-through safari, animal feeding experiences and also has the biggest maze in the UK.



  • Dinosaurs in the Wild: Another fun family weekend activity is visiting the Dinosaurs in the Wild adventure theme park, currently at NEC Birmingham. It is an exciting mixture of live-action theatre, theme park fun and cutting-edge audio-visual effects that transport you back 67 million years ago. Find it at NEC Birmingham until August 23rd or in Manchester from October 7th  

 dinosaur in the wild nec

  • The Notting Hill Festival: Celebrating Caribbean culture, artistic talent and creativity, The Notting Hill Festival in London takes place on the bank holiday weekend in August (26th-28th). Sunday is definitely a family day, as a jubilant Children’s parade takes place, where they display colourful costumes while dancing along the carnival route to the mesmerizing tempos. The festival is a wonderful, free open-air event for the whole family, steel band lovers and music lovers in general


Photo by Angela Ganev

Photo by Angela Ganev





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