Tips For A Peaceful Family Holiday

17th March 2017
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Choose a destination with plenty to do 

Holidays are a great opportunity for kids to do activities they wouldn’t normally do. They may even pick up a new hobby and learn new skills. When booking a holiday look at not only what facilities the destination offers but also the hotel. Look at what facilities are available for families, options such as kids clubs, swimming pools and playgrounds will make the holiday pleasurable for you and the kids. In the event of wet weather during a holiday it’s important the hotel has enough activities to keep them entertained.

Keep a routine for bedtime 

Children benefit from having a regular bedtime routine, sticking to the same routines you have at home will really help your child settle in. Keeping bath and stories at the same time will allow your children to drift off peacefully.

Be sun safe

It may sound obvious but being safe in the sun is crucial when visiting hot climates. Make sure your sun cream has 30+ SPF with UVA and UVB protection. Apply every couple of hours and after kids have been in the pool. Wide hats and sunglasses will keep the sun off their faces and drinking plenty of water will help to keep them hydrated.

Make a scrapbook 

To keep your kid’s interest alive whilst visiting the local area, get them to collect bits and pieces to make a scrapbook with when they get home. . Items such as shells, postcards, interesting food wrappers, plane tickets and leaflets from tour attractions are great and also free! Plus it’s a great thing to take to school for show and tell.

Get them interested in the local culture

While in a different country, try and get the kids interested in the local culture, language and traditions. See if they would like to try some of the local cuisine and teach them a few local phrases such as ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. This really helps your child feel connected to the country they are in and have learnt something new as well.

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