Top 5 Tips for Family Holidays

11th August 2016
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The thought of a family holiday can be very daunting when your children are young and you’re a family holiday beginner.  We have compiled our top 5 tips which will hopefully save you from those stressful worries and toddler tantrums.

1. Long Haul Flights


There is nothing worse than a crying child on a flight and it’s even worse when it’s yours. If you are travelling long haul we advise selecting a destination that has overnight flights in both directions. Hopefully after a couple of hours in the airport with all the excitement, your child will sleep for the majority of the night flight.

2. Off Peak Hotels

Family Checking In At Hotel Reception Desk

If your children are not yet in school, take advantage of this and travel outside of school holidays. Booking hotels off-peak can be a great deal for your family. Our advice is to check they still have all their facilities open during the off peak season as some hotels close their crèche and certain restaurants etc. Consider this when booking off peak as you don’t want a shock when you arrive to the hotel.

3. Sleeping Arrangements

Feet of family in bed

If your children are slightly older you may want separate sleeping areas. The best way to achieve this is with interconnecting rooms or a family suite with different bedrooms. Giving the family privacy but with the ease of having them close. Check with hotel reservations or your personal holiday designer as not all hotels guarantee these rooms.

4. Road Travel


Being cooped up in the back of a car is the idea of hell for children. However, if your holiday does consist of a long car journey, don’t try and complete the trip in one go. Try stopping every couple of hours either for some lunch, at a local attraction or just to stretch everyone’s legs.

Although, skip the break if they are asleep. Relish this moment of peace and complete as much of the route as possible.

5. Making Memories

Cute multi generation family taking a picture

Take your camera or video camera. Making memories is one of the key pleasures of family holidays. A few years down the line when your children are older, having the ability to reminisce is wonderful.


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