Pleasing the Whole Family on Holiday

26th March 2020
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Is your family very divided by age groups? Do you have a little one who can detect a play area from over a mile away and a teenager who shows more enthusiasm for Wi-Fi than exploring? Then it sounds like pleasing the entire family can seem like an impossible task.

Allow us to give you some tips on how to please all of the age groups in your family, leading to a fantastic holiday, filled with memories, not drama!

1. It starts with the planning
When looking at where to go and where to stay, speak to your kids separately, showing them that you are taking the time to find out what they would enjoy the most. Ask them for suggestions and (where the suggestions are reasonable) show them how you have implemented them. This will allow the whole family to feel involved and excited, rather than stubborn and dismissive.

2. Every family member gets a turn
The youngest wants a water park, the oldest wants to go shopping and your partner simply wants a bar overlooking the ocean. Create a plan for each day of your holiday and remind everyone when their chosen activities will take place. Try not to dominate an entire section of your holiday with a particular age group’s activity (it doesn’t tend to end well!).

3. Everyone needs distance (and that’s OK)
Being in a different environment and spending more time together than you would at home is both wonderful and stressful. Dedicate some time each day to wind down and don’t be discouraged if a few family members want to go for a walk alone or avoid interaction. Once everyone is recharged, the fun can resume.

4. Don’t force them
When a group of teens wander past the pool, parent-free, it’s easy to think “thank goodness” and shovel off your eldest to “go and make friends!”. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy and can stress them out. Try to encourage them with words like “apparently they have videogames in the teens club, you could go and have a look if you want”, rather than “I’ve signed you up for 4 classes today, your dad and I will see you at 8pm”… Which is quite possibly the plan we would prefer!

5. Finding a balance with your youngest
The energetic ones are usually at their happiest when occupied with an array of exciting activities that they wouldn’t usually experience at home. For this reason, it’s natural to feel a little left out when they are at the kid’s club from sunrise to sunset. Show an interest in what they are creating and ask about their day, creating valuable family time when you all get together again.

Are you planning a holiday for a family of multiple age groups? Allow the Family Holiday Experts to create an itinerary, perfectly tailored to your party by filling in an enquiry form today!

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