Top Gadgets for Travelling Families

30th March 2021
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Going on holiday can be stressful enough, but travelling with children? Then it becomes a sport! To help you arrive at your hotel with a smile on your face, we have created a list of our favourite family holiday gadgets, allowing you to travel like a seasoned pro…

Inflatable Foot Rest

This handy tool fills the space between the seats so your little ones can curl up for a nap. With a three-tier adjustable height and handy carry bag, this inflatable is ready to accompany you on long car journeys, coaches and flights. Link here:

Musical Eye Mask

Do you or your children struggle to sleep through unfamiliar noises? Whether you’re taking a rest on the plane or getting accustomed to a new time zone, this eye mask creates a calm little bubble where you can relax and drift off to sleep in peace. Link here:

Packing Cubes

Perhaps not the most exciting but possibly the most useful, packing cubes have a wide range of uses. Separate everyone’s clothes, keep on top of dirty washing, stop toiletries running loose within the bag, or even take a couple on a day out! Once you’ve tried using packing cubes, we assure you you’ll never want to travel without them. Link here:

Family Travel Wallet

Looking for your boarding passes but struggling to find them amongst cables, teddy bears and maybe even a few seashells in your bag? Avoid the chaos with a designated travel wallet containing everyone’s passports, travel documents & insurance paperwork. Link here:

Mini Travel Safe

This portable safe comes with a secure cable to attach to sunbeds, tables, bedframes and anywhere else you can think of! This is a brilliant tool for anyone who gets anxious leaving their phone & wallet on the sunbed whilst going for a swim. Link here:

Charger Organiser

Mum’s kindle, dad’s iPod, Nintendos, mobile phones, tablets, earphones… If your family like to travel with a range of gadgets, this handy organizer is perfect for stopping mess, stress and maybe an argument or two. Link here:

Are you planning your next stress-free family holiday? Allow us to do the hard work for you and place an enquiry today!

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