Airport Survival Guide | 5 Simple Tips for Families

4th January 2017
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The airport can be a very daunting place for families, especially if this is one of your first holidays with children. However, forward planning will ensure your time is relaxed and enjoyable by following these simple airport tips.

Get there early

There’s nothing worse than rushing through the airport, let alone doing it with children in tow. So arrive early and beat the long queues for check in and security. You may be at the airport slightly longer but we assure you the stress levels will be lower.


Tablets and mobiles – as much as you may not like giving them to your little ones at home, these electronic devices can come in very useful at the airport. We advise you carry a small portable charger though as flat batteries can definitely cause tantrums. We know from experience! Sticker books are also great for keeping your kid distracted and entertained for hours.


Take lots of them! Airport shops and restaurants are expensive to feed the whole family, so eat before you head to the airport and carry lots of light snacks to satisfy any rumbling tummies.

Travel light

This is nearly impossible with children but you should consider you’ll probably end up carrying your child’s choice of bag alongside your own hand luggage. We really recommend rucksacks for the whole family, leaving you with both hands free.


Dress your children in lightweight but bright coloured clothing ensuring they’re easy to spot. Layers come in handy especially if your destination is a hot climate. Starting off in the UK will usually be cold, so this allows you to take off some layers when arriving at the other end.

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