Airplane Hacks for Families

21st June 2019
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Going on holiday should be an exciting time filled with the anticipation of smelling the iconic aroma of sun cream and preparing to bury your feet in warm sand… However, there is one fear separating you from your fantasy; the dreaded flight!


Children often love airplanes but this lasts for around 1 hour before they start to become restless. This week, we are providing you with tips to keep your little ones occupied and to remove the stress from parents heading to their highly anticipated summer holiday.


Tip Number 1 – Safety First


You are able to buy emergency phone number bracelets from the internet which would ensure your child can easily explain how to contact you to a member of airport staff, should you get separated around the shops. It is also wise to put your flight number on this bracelet too so the staff can make specific announcements in order to locate you in an emergency.


Tip Number 2 – Early Boarding


When sitting at your gate, listen out for “early boarding opportunities” as families with small children have the ability to board ahead of everyone else. This will give you a little extra time to re-open the over-head compartment when your little one is missing something they simply cannot go the next 40 minutes without!


Tip Number 3 – Entertainment!


Before you (and the person in front) regrets to discover your child’s amusement in opening and closing the dinner tray, give them something to do. If your child likes to use family gadgets, load up the iPad with pre-records of their favourite TV programmes and games. Otherwise, colouring books and travel games can help the hours to tick by.


Tip Number 4 – Snacks


Just as it does for grown-ups, boredom makes kids peckish. Bring some snacks which aren’t all sweets and crisps. Filling their stomachs with something a little healthier and more substantial will help them to gain a little more energy so they might make it all the way to bedtime in resort.


Tip Number 5 – Tell Little Lies


As your child starts to fidget with the whole “are we there yet routine” try little phrases, such as “Wow, did you just see Mickey Mouse out the window?! I think I just did, we must be close to Orlando now!” or “We only have 25 minutes left, that’s how long it takes to get home from Grandma’s house”, even if you are actually flying over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!


We hope these little tips will help to make your next holiday adventure a little less stressful. If you don’t already have one planned, place an enquiry and our family holiday experts will work with you to create the perfect trip away.



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