How To: Teach Your Kids To Snorkel

1st June 2018
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I think we can all agree that one of the best things about a summer holiday is spending time in the warm water and discovering the fascinating underwater world!  Snorkelling is a brilliant way to spend time as a family and make some unforgettable memories together whilst seeing who can spot the biggest fish!

There is no exact age to start teaching your children to snorkel. Some kids will be excited to try it out from a very young age, yet some may be more nervous and wait a few more years. The most important thing is to make sure they feel comfortable in the water. They don’t have to be a fantastic swimmer, as they can float around in a life jacket, but they must enjoy being in the water. Otherwise they will have no fun snorkelling!


First and foremost, make sure you are using good quality and good fitting snorkel gear. If the mask is too big or too lose it will leak water, which most children will panic about and that’s your family snorkelling adventures over before they even began properly!

To put the snorkel gear onto your children properly, start with the face mask without the snorkel attached. Put it against their face, making sure there is no hair trapped and get them to breath in through their nose to suction the mask to their face. If the mask is the right size it should stay stuck to their face without using the head strap. Next, attach the snorkel to the side of the mask and allow your children to allow time to practise breathing through the snorkel before heading into the water.


Before you go jumping into the ocean filled with exotic marine life, it’s always a good idea to test snorkelling out in a swimming pool first. Your children can enjoy playing in the shallow area of the pool and popping their head in and out of the water as they stand.


As soon as they feel comfortable standing with their snorkel and mask face down in the water, get your child to try swimming around in the pool. When they’re comfortable with that, it’s time for the open ocean.


Now it’s time to enjoy exploring coral reef and exotic marine life as a fun family adventure!

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