5 Great Beaches in Barbados For Families

30th March 2018
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There is no question as to why Barbados is a popular family holiday destination. The small picturesque island is considered to be the most beautiful of all Caribbean islands. There is so much to love about Barbados!

Barbados is home to over 100 beaches, some internationally famous while some are hidden local secrets. From tranquil sheltered bays perfect for building sandcastles, to rugged surf for the adventurous boogie boarders and surfers. Toddlers, teens and everything in between will find a beach they love in Barbados!

The west coast of Barbados, the Caribbean Sea, is where you will find calm water, perfect for families with small children or families who just want idyllic relaxing days. Towards the south and east coasts of Barbados, you will find beaches ideal for exciting water sports.


Accra Beach

Situated along the south coast, this long stretch of beautiful white sand is one of Barbados’s most popular beaches. The warm lapping waters remain shallow for a long distance out, making it a perfect spot for families. Young children can splash around in the shallow waters while searching for small fish, while older children can jump waves or boogie board in the swells.

With a lifeguard on duty, a playground, picnic tables and food stalls along the beachfront, Accra Beach certainly ticks all the boxes for a great day all of the family will enjoy!

Does Accra Beach sound like the perfect spot for your family? Only a short walk away is the elegant Turtle Beach Resort, enjoy beachfront luxury with excellent family leisure facilities.


Crane Beach

With a long stretch of stunning pink-tinged sand, lapped by crystal-clear turquoise water and surrounded by a backdrop of palm groves and limestone cliffs. Crane Beach is one of Barbados’s most beautiful beaches and is internationally recognised as one of the world’s best beaches!

Rent boogie boards, jump in an out of the waves or snorkel the crystal-clear waters on the lookout for tropical fish.


Mullins Bay

Located along the west coast, Mullins Bay is effortlessly beautiful and the perfect beach for rest and relaxation.Fine powdered white sands and gentle water, teeming with tropical fish of all shapes and sizes is what makes Mullins Bay one of Barbados’s top snorkelling beaches. Occasionally you may even spot turtles swimming near the magnificent coral and rock formations in the bay area!

Do you like the sound of this tropical haven beach for your family to enjoy a relaxing trip? Only a short walk away is the iconic Colony Club.


Pebbles Beach

Along the south-west coast of Barbados, Pebbles Beach lies within a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A favourite spot for all members of the family.  With a wide stretch of white sand, relax in the gorgeous Barbadian sun or build sandcastles with the little ones. The calm waters are perfect for younger children splashing around and swimming safely. Water sports like stand-up paddle boarding and even jet skis are available to rent for the more adventurous members of the family.

Pebbles Beach isn’t just popular with tourists and Barbadian locals but the beach is also a favourite spot for horses!

As the sun rises, watch in awe as the local racehorses from Garrison stables bathe in the gentle warm waters as a form of water therapy. Marvel at this charming display early hours in the morning between 5:00 am and 7:00 am, stay near Pebbles Beach to make sure you don’t miss this extraordinary experience. The all-inclusive Sugar Bay Resort and Spa is only a 15-minute walk away!


Paynes Bay


When you close your eyes and picture the quintessential Barbadian beach, Paynes Bay will most likely be exactly what you imagine. This stunningly beautiful peaceful bay is only a 20-minute stroll from one end to the other and is yet pleasantly uncrowded.

Relax upon the warm soft white sand or rent comfortable sun loungers. Paynes Bay is also renowned as one of the best snorkel spots on the island as it is where turtles are most commonly spotted.

The fascinating turtles are surprisingly tame and welcome calm swimmers close and even let you gently touch their shells. Head to the beach in the morning for the most intimate time with the turtles, beating the day trip catamarans that arrive in the afternoon to snorkel the exquisite reef.

The idyllic beachfront Tamarind Resort sits on Paynes Bay and is the ideal hotel if you and your family are looking for a luxurious hotel on an idyllic Barbadian beach!


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