Top Tips For A Family Road Trip

23rd November 2018
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Are you planning a family road trip any time soon? Whether you are making the most of the UK summer or planning the ultimate USA Route 66 road trip… We have put together some simple tips and tricks for a successful road trip with kids.

Keep Everyone Well Fed

This tip cannot be overstated. On any road trip with kids bring snacks, snacks and even more snacks!

But beware… resist the temptation of giving them sweets, instead pack a variety of savoury snacks they enjoy and avoid the sugar rush while travelling. You want to make sure you bring along snack that are nutritious and low in sugar. There perfect snack are things like: rice crackers, popcorn, nuts, protein bars, sliced fruit and veg, etc.

Keep Minds Occupied

Beat off boredom during a road trip with some good old-fashioned family car games. I spy is a personal favourite but why not try 20 questions, the memory game, travel bingo, ‘I’m Going on a Picnic’ and loads more!

There’s no need to cram your hand luggage full of toys, thanks to children friendly apps. Keep children of all ages entertained throughout the journey by downloading a handful of new games, films and exciting apps for them to explore and play.

Map It Out

The best way to avoid unhappy and bored children on a road trip is to ask for their input on what they would like to do. You might be happily surprised with their suggestions for a holiday everyone will enjoy!

Let them pick a couple of things they would like to see and do along the way on the trip. Your kids might even enjoy follow a map along the way and decorate it with drawings of what they have seen along the way.

Optimise Your Stops

Plan, plan and plan some more! You can never be ‘overly prepared’ for a road trip with children. Map your journey in advance and look into where you can stop along the way that will be an interesting break for all members of the family.

Search online for playgrounds, national parks, beaches, museums, wildlife parks, child-friendly eateries…. This is a much nicer, more entertaining way to break up a long drive that just a quick bathroom break.

Ride In The Back

If the car has enough room, why not climb into the back seat with your kids to spend some of the journey with them.

If your children are becoming bored, having one of you in the back seat with them will stop any squabbles and tantrums that may be looming. If you have an only child, it will brighten up their trip and relieve any loneliness they may have riding along on their own.

What are you waiting for? Plan and enjoy a family road trip! Click here and let our family holiday designers plan the perfect trip for you…

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