Handy Tips for Keeping Children Safe in the Sun

6th December 2019
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We all know how sensitive a child’s skin is to sunlight and we all do our best to keep our children safe in the sun. However, when we are on holiday and we find ourselves frantically scanning the lotion bottle for the word “waterproof” as the kids are splashing around in the pool, the task of avoiding sunburn easily becomes stressful!

Here are our top tips for helping children to avoid sunburn and sunstroke so your family can make the most of your highly anticipated holiday…


Schedule Your Activities

If you intend to visit a museum or another indoor attraction, consider going at around midday so your family are out of the sun when it is at its strongest. This works well for scheduling lunch times too.

UV Swimsuits

You may have seen colourful, long-sleeve swimming costumes in the shops on the run up to summer. These fabulous items often have protection from UV rays so check the label and minimise poolside stress!


It can be hard to get children to wear sunglasses but protecting their eyes is just as important. If you let them choose the design and keep them somewhere safe before travelling, you can build their excitement in wanting to wear them.


The higher the factor, the better. For the best results, apply all sunscreen indoors and allow the formula to set into the skin for 30 minutes. This time can be used to ensure everyone has been to the toilet and that the beach bag is fully packed.

Get a Hat

Particularly after swimming, you will notice that the sun makes your child’s hair very warm (even hot in higher temperatures). This can cause headaches and sunstroke too so ensure they wear a sunhat when outdoors.

A Little Bit Pink

If at the end of the day, you notice that your child is still a bit tanned or pink, ensure they are kept moisturised with an after-sun formula. This will stop their skin from tightening and causing discomfort as you have a shower and go out on the town for dinner.



If you are looking for your next holiday and want to talk to a travel agent who is an expert in family travel, place an enquiry today and one of our team will be in touch!

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