How to Keep Your Little Ones Safe from the Sun

17th May 2019
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Having a child with sunstroke is unlikely to be the highlight of your holiday or theirs! There are multiple ways in which you can keep your children safe in destinations with extreme heat, so this week, we are providing tips to help you on your next family holiday.


  1. Spot Early Signs of Dehydration

If your child begins to lose their energy whilst you are out and about, this could be an early sign that their body requires more water. This one can be hard to spot on particularly busy holidays, such as visiting a theme park so look out for dry lips and a sudden desire to take a nap.


  1. Set a Drinking Schedule

Your child should be taking breaks to hydrate every hour whilst on holiday to prevent heatstroke. If you are participating in more strenuous activities, such as cycling or if visiting a play area, it may be wise to increase the frequency.


  1. Be Prepared for a Lack of Shade

If you are jumping in the car to travel to the coast, be prepared for a lack of beach facilities. It’s worth visiting a shop along the way to stock up on refreshments, parasols and entertainment. The prices may even be cheaper away from the shore!


  1. Cover Them Up

Find long sleeve clothing made of light-weight materials to protect your child’s skin whilst out and about. Also bear in mind that dry clothing offers more UV protection than damp items. Look out for clothing which is certified for having UV protection as these provide the best heat protection results.


  1. Bring Sunglasses

The bright lights of sun reflecting off of sand or water can cause both damage to your child’s eyes and cause unwanted headaches. Have your child wear sunglasses when in the sun during peak periods.


  1. Don’t be Deceived by the Weather!

Cloudy and windy days can lead to holidaymakers letting their guard down in terms of sun safety. However, you and your children are still susceptible to burning on cloudy days. Be sure to continue your regime on cooler days.


  1. Use High-Factor Sunscreen

The most obvious tip of all but perhaps the most important. Children can be reluctant to wearing sunscreen as the lotion isn’t always comfortable once applied. To combat this, apply sunscreen in the cool of the room and wait the suggested time before going outside. This way, your children have maximum UV protection and the lotion will be dry, ready for playtime!


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