Tips To Avoid The Holidays Travel Mayhem

22nd December 2017
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Holidays are all about families. They will travel during the festive season in order to spend some time with the people dearest to their hearts. The only issue with this is that many families do this, which leads to the holiday travel mayhem everyone fears and struggles to overcome. Motorways can be turned into parking lots, while airports are operating at full capacity, with travellers looking to get to their destination hopefully with no delays.


In order to avoid any nightmare travel situations when it comes to flying, we’ve put together a few tips to help you out:

• Choose the right dates: If you’re travelling by plane, picking the right dates should be your top priority. Choosing the most popular days and times can lead to a lot of headaches dealing with crowds. Everybody wants to get the longest weekend possible without taking too many days off work. Determine what days those are and try to avoid them. If you can avoid those particular days, you can avoid a lot of the crowds.


• Shop for the best deals: As with any purchase, a person should shop around when looking to book a flight. This can help you get the best deal available at the time. Also, it’s worth checking flights from local airports too. You may be able to find a better deal at another airport that is close by.

• Plan your flight carefully: Indirect flights can be a nightmare during the holiday season. This is mostly due to flight delays brought on by bad weather. When choosing flights, make sure to avoid short connection times. This can prevent you from missing a flight due to a delay and help keep you from needing to make a mad dash through the airport.


• Leave early: During the festive season, the ‘arrive 2 hours earlier’ rule will not cut it. You should leave for the airport even earlier than usual. More people are travelling around that time and consequently, there will be more delays. Leaving earlier than usual will help account for those delays and ensure you do not miss your flight.


• Keep calm &…: One of our favourite sayings applies perfectly in these situations. The most crucial thing is to always stay calm, no matter what happens. You want the airport staff and airline employees on your side, and that will be an unlikely scenario if you are angry or rude to them.


• Don’t’ be selfish: Remember, everybody wants to be with their families for the holidays. That is the reason why so many people travel in November and December. Do not let the influx of travellers discourage you. You will still make it to your loved ones for the holidays, you just need to be prepared.


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