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Geejam Villas, Jamaica

Geejam is a truly unique boutique Resort nestled in the setting of Jamaica's tropical nature by the picturesque Port Antonio. The resort is great for private relaxation in the environment where authentic Jamaican culture meets luxury comforts of home.

The 2 villas represented are all equipped with spa-quality steam rooms, contemporary design, and state-of-the-art technology. The largest accommodation offered is the 6 bedroom Cocosan Villa which includes private pool, dining area, sun deck and all rooms in the villa have luxury amenities. The Panoramic Villa features 4 well-apointed rooms, all with exquisite ocean and hillside views, and a private freshwater pool.

Bushbar is the restaurant offering meals to guests. You have a chance to choose dining in the restaurant area or having the meal served on your veranda. For breakfast, guests can enjoy a continental breakfast as well as Jamaican cuisine which includes local fruits and fish.

The unique component of this hotel is the Geejam Studio which has been one of the leading recording complexes in the Caribbean. The opportunity to rent out the studio and record an album is a chance to relax in your own creative mindspace.