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Goldeneye, Jamaica

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Jamaica overlooking the Caribbean sea is the hotel Goldeneye. Take your easy and experience the sedate island life in the very place where James Bond took form in the mind of creator Ian Fleming.

A true boutique hotel Goldeneye has only five villas, each of which offers magnificent luxury and inspiration. The Fleming House is the star and was designed by the man himself, while villas 1, 2 and 3 each have bedrooms named for the villains or women in Bond's life. There is also the Royal Palm, a snug collection of little cottages each containing a bedroom and bathroom, while the main building houses the living space, ideal for a family holiday.

As Goldeneye offers intimate private beaches, use of jet skis and snorkelling equipment and wonderful massage services it is easy to feel part of the adventurous jet set life that Flemming's spy is famous for. Thankfully, this being the laidback Caribbean there shouldn't be any high speed chases or explosions to disturb your tranquil relaxing holiday in this idyllic locale. And, of course, you can always watch the sunset from the Gazebo overlooking the lagoon whilst sipping a vodka martini or a scotch on the rocks.