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Angsana Ihuru, Maldives

Angsana, Maldives is just a 20 minute speedboat ride from the airport. You will fly through the waves and then will be greeted by smiling faces, hot refreshing towels and a bowl of ice cream!

There are just 40 luxury huts on the whole island which means that there are no more than 80 guests with 140 staff to look after them!

All the huts look out over the sea with amazing views. Some huts even have their own garden with jacuzzis. It is an amazing feeling to sit in a Jacuzzi in a tropical garden, looking out over the Indian Ocean with a cocktail in your hand!

Holidays to the maldives are full of relaxation. The atmosphere at Angsana is very calm you don't even need to wear your shoes during your stay. For dinner you feel that you could dress smart or casual and no-one would mind.

Despite being able to walk around the island in just 15 minutes there are an amazing number of things to do. On the island itself you can play volleyball, table tennis or 5 a side football with the locals. You can then relax in the fantastic spa afterwards.

You will find the sea and reef as the highlight of the stay. The resort is on a shallow, protected reef where you can put your head in the water and feel like you are in a tropical fish tank. The reef is so shallow it acts as a nursery for small fish, including baby black tipped reef sharks. You will love watching these "cute" little sharks swimming in the reef safe in the knowledge that the reef is too shallow for their mums and dads to join you!

The Angsana reef is also famous for lots of stunning turtles and don't be surprised if you see pods of dolphins swimming by.

There are plenty of water sports to enjoy such as canoeing, windsurfing and scuba diving.

The food on the island is also fantastic. The staff catch fish and put it on the barbeque within minutes. The taste is unlike anything you will have tasted before. You will be amazed how something so simple can taste so good.