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Tangerine Beach Hotel, Sri Lanka

Not many hotels are called "Tangerine" ... mind you not many have the character that the Tangerine Beach Hotel, Sri Lanka has.

Located 40 km south of Colombo, the Tangerine is right on the beachfront at Kalutara. The archiecture is a throw back to a byegone age with a mix of ancient and modern ethnic designs.

You will see unique features ranging antique carved doors to life size statues of ceremonial figures from the animal kingdom.

You wil see nature at its best with exotic pink and purple water lilies decorating a vast indoor water garden in tthe octagonal lobby. Traditional fishing boats bob up and down nudged by the giant Koy Carp.

There are plenty of places to relax and enjoy your own company and there are also a lot of local excursions where you explore the surrounding area by land or by air (with their fantastic helicopter trips).

The hotel is known for its coconut palm garden which opens up on the beach and sea beyond. It's a great place to rellax and hide from the midday sun.