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Review of Club Med Sinai Bay, Egypt

Posted By Jo MacGregor on 20 April 2012

Full details on the Club Med Sinai Bay, go >>

We spent a family holiday at the Club Med Sinai Bay in Egypt over the Easter School Holidays and we loved it in very different ways to the Club Med La Palmyre Atlantique we had stayed in the previous summer.

It was definitely more luxurious - it is a Trident rating higher - we stayed in the 4 Trident area in interconnecting deluxe rooms, and the weather was just predictably glorious! It was also less French - staff and guests - the easter week we were there I think there were probably more Brits than French but this will vary of course from week to week.

My children ranged from 10 - 14 years and all being fair I was slightly concerned that it would be too hot in April in Egypt but actually it was fabulous with a light breeze and the sea was just so clear and warm it was perfect. In fact our only weather complaint was that the particular week we were there the wind was so light sailing and windsurfing were virtually impossible.


The Club Med Sinai Bay occupies its own Bay near Taba with view across the Red Sea to Jordan. We actually took a second week touring Jordan but the immigration through Israel was so lengthy I would not recommend this as a twin centre!

I think the amazing thing about Club Med Resorts is that the all-inclusive set-up as well as being great to make sure you stay within budget also gives every member of the family a sense of freedom. I have been trying to think about why this is should be and concluded if the kids are doing an activity or with siblings or new friends I am not worrying about them having access to a drink (I chill more), they relish their independence ordering as and when they want from the bar (kids are very smug with a few extra fruit cocktails), and you can spend time as a family relaxing or joining in an activity when it suits you as there is always something going on. The staff are all exceptionally friendly too!

From messing around on the water, tennis, table tennis, eating and drinking we had so much fun we can't wait to go back. The dilemma is whether to go back to Sinai Bay or try yet another club?


Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about Club Med or which Village would be best for you.


Full details on the Club Med Sinai Bay, go >>

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