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NEW FOR 2016: Baby Kikoland

Our hugely popular hotel, Princesa Yaiza in Lanzarote has just opened a Crèche. When you think of all the things that make life easy for a family holiday the Princesa Yaiza now ticks all the boxes. The opening of ‘Baby Kikoland’ adds to the superb offering from this hotel.

The Baby Club has a fundamental regard for safety and welfare of babies, with all staff being qualified professionals. Taking care of babies and children up 35 months old, the facilities include entertainment, educational material and activities inside and out for the entire age range.

This is a wonderful addition to the already outstanding family facilities such as family suites, the kids club, Kikoland, the indoor play area, Kikopark, waterslides and seasonal football school just to name a few.

For more information on this spectacular hotel, place an enquiry and our family holiday designers will be in contact shortly.

Features of Baby Kikoland

  • Care provided by qualified personnel with recognised qualifications in Spain and in the UK. Specialized team in preschool education.
  • Educational project: not just in supervising, collaborating educational, physical and intellectual development of babies through a playful approach.
  • Equipment for babies ranging in age from 4 to 35 months. All child equipment is properly approved for use according to European safety measures for the specific activity.
  • Indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Entertainment and educational programs suitable for ages from 4 and 35 months old:
  • Music, music therapy, theatre and physical expressions.
  • Songs, dances, theatre and children's parties.
  • Painting, playing with educational material, handicrafts.
  • Innovation: system trusted by parents through a camera that will be accessible at all times via mobile devices.

Opening Times and Rates

Opening Times:-

Open from 10.00h to 14.00h and from 16.00h to 20.00h


From 4 to 23 months 22 € / hour
From 24 to 35 months 18 € / hour
Session 4 h (morning or afternoon) 50,00 €
Session 8 h (morning and evening) 70,00 €

Cancellation Policy:-

Please notify Princesa Yaiza of any changes or cancellation requests at least 24 hours before the start of the service.

Additional Information:-

We remind that the necessary equipment for care and wellbeing of the baby or child (nappies, creams, bottles, etc.) should be provided by the parents at the beginning of the service. 

For security reasons no medicines will be supplied.