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Enquire about a holiday during half term

When do you want to go?

Looking for a half term holiday abroad?

We have some great ideas on the best half term holidays abroad from hot and sunny destinations to just family-friendly relaxation for you and your children.

Just a word of warning if you are new to school holiday date restrictions: they do vary between regions and between schools in the same regions so do check with your school before you book!

For a fantastic family holiday during the half term, fill out an enquiry form on the left and our family holiday designers will help create the perfect holiday for you...

February Half Term Holiday Ideas

February half term leaves you really wanting some sunshine following the winter. With most schools having only a week at the most you don't want to travel further than you need to. The Canary Islands and Middle East are the closest but a family week to the Caribbean would be wonderful!

Maybe you might forgo the sun and head on a family ski holiday?

May Half Term Holiday Ideas

May is the perfect time for a family holiday to the Med where it should be sunny and delightfully warm without yet being too hot!

Book your flights early for your May half term getaway as they get busy (and therefore expensive) quickly as it coincides with the bank holiday and tends to be the same week across the country.

October Half Term Holiday Ideas

To be sure of hot and sunny weather you need to pick carefully as the Med weather is becoming unsettled by the end of October. Dubai and Oman are great choices for guaranteed warmth but it you prefer a shorter journey the Canary Islands or Southern European destinations such as Cyprus or Crete are great options with some excellent 5 star family-friendly hotels.