Why Choose Florida?

27th December 2019
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Known worldwide as a holiday destination filled with superheroes, princesses and rollercoasters, Florida is a very popular holiday choice amongst families of all ages. However, if you have never been, there are multiple (logistical) benefits for young families who are wondering if this sunny US state is for them.




Trying to Google translate (or creatively “mime”) the words “are you able to heat up baby food?” will not be an issue here, of course. When travelling with a young family, it’s always nice to know that you have the help of those around you, be that at a restaurant, hotel or theme park! Florida is also well-known for having fantastic customer service so you can holiday in stress-free confidence.


Accommodation Choices


If you prefer to be within the centre of the action with the entrance to a theme park just a few steps from your hotel, then the Disney and Universal Studios resort hotels are perfect for you. Both of these theme parks have a variety of hotels with different themes and star ratings so you can easily tailor your experience. For those who are daunted by sharing a hotel room for an extended period, Florida has a wonderful selection of holiday home neighbourhoods so you can use a full kitchen to your advantage and even get some washing done if your little one has a habit of going through three outfits a day!


Car Hire


If you would prefer to avoid shuttle transfers and public transport when travelling with your kids then car hire could be a great option. Call your day to an end at a time to suit you and have the freedom to explore different areas, such as the stunning beaches of Sarasota or Clearwater, both within driving distance of your accommodation. Having a car also makes trips to the supermarket much easier, should you run out of nappies or toiletries!


Activities for Every Pace


Should the theme parks be at the top of your to-do list, there are multiple admission ticket durations which can help to slow down your itinerary. Many tickets include multiple parks and are valid for 14-days so you can slowly make your way around without fear of missing out. There are also a wide range of shopping malls around Orlando so a day of indulgence within an air-conditioned building is always an option.


Creating Memories!


From personal experience, our family holiday to Orlando is one of the most vivid travel memories we all share (and still laugh about to this day!). The theme parks will have you forgetting about the outside world, bringing out your inner child and making you grin from ear-to-ear. It is also the perfect place to capture some once-in-a-lifetime photos, with the opportunity for children to meet their movie heroes and to gain confidence from going on the “grown-up” rides.  To make the experience easier, some parks even have facilities to collect photos throughout the day and to choose from your favourites at the end of your visit… Genius!


Whether you are looking to relax or to dive into excitement, our Family Holiday Experts can create the perfect Florida holiday for you and your family’s requirements. Get in touch today and allow us to find you some package options!


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